止 zhi3 to stop
脆 cui4 brittle, crispy
诞 dan4 birth
碍 ai4 blocking, hindrance
散 san4 to scatter, to disperse; scattered, loose (w.p. san3)
兽 shou4 beast
逝 shi4 to drift away; 逝世(shi4) to pass away, to die
猪 zhu1 pig
暂 zan4 temporary
腊 la4 preserved meat
酸 suan1 sour; acid
顽 wan2 stubborn
疆 jiang1 border of a country
消 xiao1 to extinguish
津 jin1 ford; (archaic) saliva
丹 dan1 (literary) red; (Chinese medicine) pill
虽 sui1 although
辣 la4 spicy
忽 hu1 sudden, suddenly
隙 xi4 narrow gap, seam
鲁 lu3 (a common surname); (name of place, Shandong, birthplace of Confucius)
灵 ling2 spirit; efficacious
珠 zhu1 bead, pearl
欺 qi1 to cheat; to bully

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