磨 mo2 mill; to mill
溜 liu1 to slip
映 ying4 (image) to reflect
杏 xing4 apricot
恰 qia4 exactly (fitting)
谱 pu3 music sheet; spectrum
晋 jin4 (a Warring States period state in modern-day Shanxi); (name of a dynasty)
剖 pou1 anatomy; to dissect
煎 jian1 to fry
碎 sui4 fragment
挤 ji3 to squeeze
滴 di1 drop (of water); to drip
愁 chou2 sad
奶 nai3 milk; 奶奶 grandma
莲 lian2 lotus
棉 mian2 cotton
幼 you4 young
仇 chou2 enemy
储 chu3 to store
萌 meng2 sprout
匹 pi3 (measure word for horses); 匹配(pei4) to match, to pair
欢 huan1 happy, joyous
旁 pang2 side
辛 xin1 辛苦(ku3) hard, arduous; 辛辣(la4) spicy, pungent

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