Oracle Executables

This table lists executable programs in $ORACLE_HOME/bin (or %ORACLE_HOME%\bin on Windows) for Oracle Enterprise Edition, including shell scripts, Windows .bat files but excluding Windows DLLs or any that can't execute directly. It's not a complete list since what programs are in that directory depends on what options I chose at the time of software installation. I'm doing my best to give descriptions about each program and add some comments I consider useful or merely interesting. Many of them show Usage by typing the program name, or the name followed by some garbage argument, or -h, or sometimes help=y. "Not in 9i" means not in 9i and up (i.e. only in 8i). Files of 0 in size are ignored, such as tnnfg, trcldr (not any more in, plus those whose names end with 0 or O.

[2019-07 Update] Added 19c ( new binaries
[2018-03 Update] Added 18c new binaries
[2017-03 Update] Added new binaries
[2014-09 Update] Added new binaries
[2013-09 Update] Added new binaries
[2011-11 Update] Added new binaries
[2010-01,2011-02 Update] 11g and up binaries are in separate tables: 11g

`: Only exists on UNIX
*: Only exists on Windows

Program Name Notes
acro* Not in 9i
adapters`Running with no argument returns info about installed Oracle Net (SQL*Net) adapters. Running with path to an Oracle binary file (oracle, sqlplus,...) shows whether the binary has Oracle Net symbols in it.
agent*Possibly used in SNMP
agentctlOracle%oracle_home%Agent service Control (not in 10g)
agntsvc*Oracle%oracle_home%Agent service, used by EM
agtctl(Oracle Heterogeneous Services) Agent Control Utility See ORA-28591
asmtool10g only
asmtoolgGUI version of ASM tool
bbed* Block Browser and Editor Oracle internal use only. Not in 9i. On UNIX, you have to make it. Ref: 1, 2, 3.
bulkmodifySee Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide, Appendix A "Syntax for LDIF and Command Line Tools". Not in 10g
cfo*Configure FAN ONSFAN ONS Publisher program, and later (see Note:405120.1)
cmadmin`Not in 9i
cmctl`Not in 9i
cmgw`Not in 9i
coraenv`Oracle Environment C Shellcsh script to set up Ora Env; csh version of oraenv
crsctl, crssetupCluster Ready Services Control and Setup utilities10g
csscanCharacter Set ScannerNot in 12c
ctxhx*Called by intermedia server
ctxkbtcContext Knowledge Base exTension CompilerOracle Text Executable
ctxlcLexical CompilerSee above. 10g
ctxloadThesaurus LoaderSee above
ctxsrvIntermedia serverNot in 10g
ctxsvc*Intermedia serviceNot in 10g
cursize`Cursor Sizecursize username/password
dbca, dbca.batDatabase Config AssistantUsed to create and configure a database (called dbassist in 8i)
DBConsole.pmPerl Module to provide start, stop, status functionality (10g)
dbfsize`Database File Size InfoIf run on redo logfiles, also reports redo block size (the same value as x$kccle.lebsz or if in archivelog mode, v$archived_log.block_size). Run on controlfiles, it also reports controlfile block size. dbfsize also tells you whether the file is filesystem or raw partition based (Quick I/O reported as raw). Not ASM aware.
dbshut`Database Shutdown Script
dbsnmpDatabase Intelligent (SNMP) AgentAccording to marty.grinstead at, "spawned when the IA is running a scheduled job". If the agent is not configured correctly, running it causes database shutdown immediate to hang. Not in 10g
dbsnmpj*Database Intelligent (SNMP) Agent. Not in 10g
dbsnmpwd.batNot in 10g
dbstart`Database Startup Script
dbvDatafile VerificationSee Oracle Utilities
debugproxyNot in 10g
demobld`Not in 10g
demodrop`Not in 10g
deployncDeploy NComp
dgmgrlData Guard Manager
dsml2ldif*XML Parser utility to generate LDAP ldif files
echodo`In shell script, echo the command followed by run it
emagent, emagtm, emca, emca.bat, emctl.bat, emdctl, emtgtctl, emwd.bat10g, EM-related
encaps*Not in 10g
encsvc*Oracle SNMP Peer Encapsulator service
esmEnterprise Security ManagerNot in 10g
expExportSee Oracle Utilities
expdpData Pump Export10g
extprocExternal Procedure
extusrupgradeUpgrade externally authenticated SSL users. 10gR2
fmputl`File Mapping Utility
gatekeeperNot in 9i
genautab`Not in 9i
genclntsh`Generate Client Shared Libraries
geneziGenerate EZ Instantclisent?Instant Client (i.e. no sqlplus) from up can run LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib genezi -v to get client version. Works on Windows too if %ORACLE_HOME% is set. Available in regular client install but useful in Instant Client. (Ref: Note:818454.1)
genksms`Generate ksms.s, the assembly language source file listing contents of SGA fixed region. E.g., .set kcrfal_,sgabeg+19072 says kcrfl (redo allocation) structure is stored in the fixed region, 19072 bytes from the beginning of SGA. (J.Morle Scaling Oracle8i, pp.260-1)
helpinsSQL*Plus Help InstallationBeginning with Oracle8, only Help for SQL*Plus, not SQL, is installed.
hsallociHeterogeneous Agent (Server) with Driver for Oracle using OCI
hsdepxaHeterogeneous Agent (Server) with XA compliant Distributed External Procedure driver
hsodbcHeterogeneous Agent (Server) ODBC driver. Not in 19c.
hsolefs*Heterogeneous Agent (Server) OLE driver
hsolesql*Heterogeneous Agent (Server) OLE driver
hsotsHeterogeneous Agent (Server) with XA compliant OTS driver
idl2irInterface Definition Language to Interface Repository converterNot in 9i
i*.flt*various Graphic Import FiltersTo find out, copy them to another filename with EXE as filename extension and look at their properties in Windows Explorer. They're all from Stellent, Inc.
impImport utilitySee Oracle Utilities
impdpData Pump Import10g
irepInterface RepositoryNot in 9i
isqlplusctl, isqlplussvc*iSqlplus Control or Service10g only. In 9i, you simply uncomment the line in oracle_apache.conf and start Apache. In 10g, you have to run isqlplusctl start to start the J2EE process (Windows service).
java2idlJava to Interface Definition Language converter (not in 9i)
java2iiopJava to Internet Inter-Orb Protocol converter (not in 9i)
java2rmi_iiop`Java to Remote Method Invocation Internet Inter-Orb Protocol converter (not in 9i)
jpubJPublisherNot in 10g
kfedKernel Files (metadata) EditorRead ASM header e.g.: kfed read /dev/oracleasm/disks/VOL1. Type kfed -h for help. Also see below for kfod. Ref: 1485597.1.
kfodKernel Files OSM Disk (or "OSM Discovery utility" from oraInventory/logs/installActions.log or make output)10g. Probably should be called ASM Disk Discovery utility. Note:359266.1 and Bug:4531822 have a little more info. Miladin Modrakovic has info about both kfod and kfed (Kernel File EDitor); kfed can be built per Note:553319.1. Ref: 1485597.1.
kgmgr`Forum:486682.995: "a proprietary utility used by several of our client products"
launch*Program LauncherE.g., on Windows, Oracle Net Assistant is not started by netasst program, which doesn't exist; instead it's launched by: %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\launch.exe "%ORACLE_HOME%\network\tools" There're many other .cl files scattered around which basically call jrew somejarfile.
launchem*EM LauncherNot in 10g
lbuilderLocale BuilderLink in 10g to $ORACLE_HOME/nls/lbuilder/lbuilder; $ORACLE_HOME/ocommon/nls/lbuilder/lbuilder before 10g
ldapaddSee Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide, Chapter "Managing Directory Entries"
ldapaddmtsee above
ldapbindsee above
ldapcomparesee above
ldapdeletesee above
ldapmoddnsee above
ldapmodifysee above
ldapmodifymtsee above
ldapsearchsee above
ldifmigratorOID Migration tool9iUNIX or 10g. Migrates data from application-specific repositories into Oracle Internet Directory.
ldifwriteSee Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide, Appendix A "Syntax for LDIF and Command Line Tools". Not in 10g
lmsgenNLS Binary Message File GenerationUsed to generate .msb files like oraus.msb
loadjavaTo load java classes into the database
lsnodesList Nodeslists all nodes or a specific node in a RAC configuration if RAC is installed (10g or conditionally installed in 9i)
lsnrctlTNS Listener ControlLaunches tnslsnr process. See tnslsnr below. Be careful when you type lsnrctl stop (or reload) on client side, unless DBA has set password on the server side (see Item 15 on my Idiosyncrasies page).
lxegenNLS Calendar
lxinstNLS Data Installation
maxmem`Maximum Memory for a processOracle process virtual memory size is limited by the smaller of maxmem and ulimit -m. Windows doesn't have this utility simply because a process on Windows can potentially use all memory minus kernel non-paged pool.
mergelib`Not in 9i
migOracle Migration/UpgradingNot in 10g. 9i documentation says mig "converts the data dictionary and structures of an Oracle7 database into Oracle9i format". 10g doesn't support direct upgrade from Oracle7 so it stops shipping this tool.
migprepMigration/Upgrading PreparationNot in 10g. See above comments.
mkstore`, mkstore.bat*Oracle Secret Store Tool10g. Used to create a wallet
modifyprops*Not in 9i
NAEGEN*Diffie Hellman Parameter GenerationNot in 10g
namesctlOracle Names Server ControlNot in 10g
ncompNative Compiler
netasst`Network AssistantSee launch above for how to start it on Windows (Not in 9i)
netcaNet Configuration Assistant9iUNIX or 10g
netca_deinstNet Configuration Assistant Deinstall10g
nidDB New IDChange DBID so a database cloned using the traditional method (instead of DUPLICATEd by RMAN) can register with the same RMAN catalog as the source DB. The syntax is nid target=sys/syspassword. (It's not nid target="sys/syspassword as sysdba" even if you need as sysdba for sqlplus). After running nid, you have to open resetlogs, and database resetlogs time and v$thread.enable_time will both be updated.
nmb, nmcbufp, nmei, nmelproc, nmeo, nmesrvc, nmesrvcops, nmetm, nmo, nmocat, nmuct, nmupm10g. "The nmo executable is responsible for authentication for the Agent installed with DB Control." (812054.1). "[nmb and nmo are] Used for Oracle 10g Grid Control agent to collect statistics on the target server and should not be touched" (461144.1)
nmudgNot in 10g
nmumigrate (8i), nmumigr8 (9i)Oracle Data Gatherer or DG Cartridge MigrationNot in 10g
oadjNot in 9i
oadutilObject Activation Daemon UtilityIn Discoverer, type oadutil list to check services registered with OAD (not in 9i)
ociconv`OCI ConversionNot in 12cR2
ocmNot in 10g
ocm_oratclsh`Not in 10g
ocopy*Oracle file copy programAllegedly the only tool you should use to copy open datafiles. There's no difference between filesystem files copied by this and by DOS copy command. But if you use raw "files" (raw partitions used as Oracle datafiles), ocopy (or RMAN) has to be used.
ocrcheck, ocrconfig, ocrdumpOracle Cluster Registry Check, Config and Dump utilities10g. Run ocrcheck as root to do logical corruption check. Run ocrdump as root to get much more (perhaps all) info from OCR. Ocrconfig can only be run as root.
odisrvNot in 10g
odisrvregNot in 10g
odma`Not in 9i
oemautil.bat*Oracle Intelligent Agent
oemeventOracle Intelligent Agent
oerr`Oracle ErrorSee my freeware Windowsoerr
oidadmin`Oracle Internet Directory AdminOn Windows, you launch Oracle Directory Manager (a jrew application) in Integrated Management Tools program group.
oidprovtoolOID Provisioning Tool9i UNIX or 10g. Used to create a subscription profile for OID subscribers such as Portal.
ojspcOracle JSP CompilerNot in 10g
ojvmjava9i UNIX or 10g
okdstryKerberos utility
okinitKerberos utility
oklistKerberos utility
onrsdOracle Names client cacheNot in 10g
oo4ocodewiz*Oracle Objects for OLE Code Wizard for stored procedures
operfcfg*Oracle Perfmon Config
oracgOracle Class GeneratorXML related. Deprecated in 10g and replaced by orajaxb in
oracle Oracle RDBMS Kernel Executable On UNIX, if dedicated configuration, every client process such as sqlplus or Toad, connects to tnslsnr, which fork()'s and then exec()'s oracle kernel program, $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle. The oracle process thus created is called a server process, or a shadow process to emphasize the client-server two-task nature. This server process is renamed to oracleSID (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=... for easy identification and troubleshooting. But its program (process text) is still this oracle binary. You should never directly run this binary; or you may get ORA-600 [12235] (see Note:33174.1; true for pre-11g). Oracle does not recommend changing the process priority. But some tests conclude it may improve DBWn performance if its priority is increased. You should also avoid stripping the oracle binary or you'll lose symbol information in trace files. But you can certainly run nm on it to get symbols such as sgabeg in this file. You can find all undocumented SQL hints by running strings on it, but 11g provides v$sql_hint view.

On Windows, there's always only one oracle.exe process for one instance. Each server "process" is just a Windows thread inside this process. If you have multiple Oracle instances running in Windows, you can identify the process for a specific instance with tools such as tlist. Oracle supports changing process priority on Windows.

OracleAdNetConnect*OracleAdNetConnect MFC Application
oradim*Used to create a Windows service named OracleServiceSID
oradism`Oracle Dynamic Intimate Shared MemoryPreviously, used on Solaris to configure Dynamic ISM, so as to get the benefit of shared page table between processes while allowing SGA to be not completely locked in physical memory. On newer versions especially on Linux, it's used by Direct NFS Client "to obtain the root file handle for the exported volume and the NFS server port and NFS mount port". (Ref)
oraenv`Setup Oracle Environment; run as . oraenv and pass SID to it
orajaxbOracle Java Architecture for XML Binding10g. XML JAXB Class Generator. Replacing oracg in 9i. Ref
orakill*Usage: orakill instance_name v$process.spid. Used to kill a specific thread inside oracle.exe process. Apparently orakill does a little more than just killing the thread because using a non-Oracle tool such as Sysinternals's Process Explorer to kill a thread in oracle.exe doesn't always make a hanging session and its lock go away; you may have to manually run oradebug wakeup 1 to wake up pmon (which should clear the lock and v$session / v$process, but the client app may still hang). If you can't run orakill for any reason, use a tool like Process Explorer, followed by manual pmon wakeup.
orapipeIn 10g. Read Oracle XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide, Chapter "Pipeline Definition Language for Java"
orapki`, orapki.bat*Oracle Public Key Infrastructure utilityIn 10g. Read Oracle Database Advanced Security Administrator's Guide, Chapter "Configuring Secure Sockets Layer Authentication"
orapwdOracle Password utilityUsed to create a password file for SYSDBA and SYSOPER connection. On Windows, you can also use oradim as a second choice (you have to delete and recreate if the password already exists).
orastack*Oracle Stack modificationUsed to resize the stack of an Oracle executable file such as oracle.exe, tnslsnr.exe (one way of preventing ORA-12500). Type the command at DOS to see an excellent description. (Not equivalent to pstack available on some UNIXes used to dump stack trace of a running process, but more like Solaris command ppgsz -o stack=... except it works on file not process)
oratclshOracle TCL ShellTCL programming language shell for Oracle. In spite of Oracle's advocacy, few people actually used it and now it's silently deprecated by Oracle, probably in favor of Perl. One trivial usage is to retrieve error messages on any OS (see examples here). Extensive use can be found in J. Morle's Scaling Oracle8i. Not in 10g Windows and not working in 10g Linux/UNIX.
osagent*Visibroker OS AgentType osagent -? (or -h) to see Usage (not in 9i)
osdbagrp`OS DBA GroupReturns DBA group name
osfind*Visibroker utility to find OS agents (not in 9i)
osh`Operator (or Oracle?) ShellSome old versions of oraenv call this. Shell limits may be less if run under osh.
otrccolOracle Trace CollectionSee Oracle Designing and Tuning for Performance, Chapter "Using Oracle Trace". Not in 10g since Oracle Trace is deprecated.
otrccrefsee above
otrcfmtsee above
otrcrepsee above
ottshell for invoking the Object Type Translator
ott8Not in 10g
owhat`Oracle whatRuns UNIX what command on programs listed in arguments to find patches; doesn't work well; suggest you run what directly. Not in 10g
owm`Oracle Wallet ManagerWindows has owm.dll and, but not owm.exe or .bat
pagntsrv*Not in 10g
PARDeployProvisioning Archive Deployment10g. Ref
passwdconvertNot in 10g
printIOR*Not in 9i
procProc*C/C++ compiler
procob, procob18, procob18_32, procob32Not in 10g
procui*Not in 10g
profor`Not in 10g
proxyserv`Not in 10g
publishNot in 9i
pupbldProduct User Profile BuildCreates Product User Profile tables for SQL*Plus
purgeDeploymentLibraryPurge Deployment LibraryRef
rawutlRaw disk Utility10g. rawutl -s /dev/xxx to view size
relink`Not in 10g
removeNot in 9i
remtool`Not in 10g
rmanRecover Manager
rtsora`, rtsora32`Not in 10g
runInstaller`Not in 10g. 10g Windows uses %oracle_home%\oui\bin\setup.exe.
runclassRun ClassEM related. "Run the main method of class in the specified webapp"
sbttest`SBT (Serial Backup Tape) TestNote:942418.1
schemaXML schema validation
schemasyncNot in 10g
selecthome.bat* and others10g only. 10g doesn't have Home Selector in Start menu. Instead launch OUI to select Home. OUI runs selecthome.bat internally.
sess_shNot in 9i
setlinks*You can use setlinks /d to show Windows devices. Not in 9i
sqljSQLJ engineNot in 10g (SqlJ is deprecated)
sqlldrSQL*LoaderSee Oracle Utilities
sqlplusSQL*Plus10g has two new command line options: -C sets SQL*Plus compatibility version; -L attempts log on just once.
sqlplusw*SQL*Plus for WindowsNot in 11g
statusncStatus of Native CompilerProbably checks sys.jaccelerator$status. Ref: Note:4889370
svrmgrlServer ManagerNot in 9i. Use sqlplus '/ as sysdba' instead (substitute " for ' in Windows)
symfind`Symbol Finder.Documented in 10g Admin's Reference for UNIX.
sysresv`System Resources VerifierShows (or removes) IPC resources: shared memory segments and semaphores. Safer than ipcrm in removing the resources. By default, it shows the resources for the instance identified by environment variable $ORACLE_SID. You can pass -l SID to override it.
tdvapp*Not in 10g
tkprofUsed to get more meaningful output from a session trace file
tnslsnrTNS listenerYou run this program from lsnrctl. Only run this program directly, as root, if you start listener on a port below 1024 on UNIX; even in this case, stopping the listener can be done with lsnrctl.
tnspingTNS PingNote you can have two arguments, the second being the number of times the listener is pinged.
transxXML TranslatorSee XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide, Chapter "TransX Utility". Ref: Note:394803.1.
trcasstSQL*Net Trace AssistantUsed to analyze SQL*Net trace file
trcsessSession TraceIn 10g. See Database Performance Tuning Guide, Chapter "Using Application Tracing Tools". It merges multiple SQL trace files for a session to be used by tkprof. Useful in Shared Server session trace. Before 10g, try OraSRP.
trcfmt`See otrcfmt. Not in 10g
trcroute`Trace RouteHopefully it can offer more insight than tnsping into a failed Oracle Net connection.
tstshm`Test Shared MemoryNote:50364.1
umuUser Migration UtilityMigrate database users to a directory. Documentation, Note:247744.1.
unzipdecompressing tool
vbdebugVisiDebuggerNot in 9i
vbjNot in 9i
vbj_convertNot in 9i
vbjcNot in 9i
vdoshell*Not in 10g
vipca10g RAC only
vmq*Not in 10g
vppcntlOracle Data Gatherer Executable"Control utility for the Data Gatherer" (marty.grinstead at Not in 9i
vppdcOracle Intelligent Agent Executable"Data Gatherer - collects data for Performance Manager and Capacity Planner" (marty.grinstead at Not in 9i
vtushell*Not in 10g
wrapPL/SQL code WrapperUsed to encrypt code to protect source code. Until 10g, string literals are not protected; "Hello world!" will be shown as "1Hello world!" in xxx_SOURCE. Also see Pete Finnigan's unwrapper.
xpautune*Not in 10g
xpcoin*Not in 10g
xpksh*Not in 10g
xpui*Not in 10g
zipZipCompression tool, the same as under /usr/bin (if on *NIX)

From 11g on, I no longer add new entries to the above table. Instead, a separate table is created for each version. Again, only interesting comments are made.

Mostly based on binaries in $ORACLE_HOME/bin on x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 running Oracle RAC, supplemented with
adrciAutomatic Diagnostic Repository Command InterpreterSee numerous articles in documentation, and its Incident Packaging Service (IPS) in Note:738732.1
amduASM Metadata Dump UtilityCreates amdu_time/report.txt for ASM disk usage. Get help by amdu help=y. Ref: 1485597.1.
aqxmlctlAQ XML ControlSee Deploying the Oracle Database XML Servlet
bndlchkBundle CheckShell script to check what libvns contains to determine if you have Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition installed. Run ls -l $ORACLE_HOME/install/.ee $ORACLE_HOME/install/.std after you run this script to see which file was created.
choptChange OptionShell script to call to enable or disable optional components (as seen in v$option). See chopt.ini for detailed make commands to change these options
cluvfyCluster Verification
commonenvCommon EnvironmentSeems for EM only
crsdiag.plCRS DiagnosticsCreates gzipped tar files for OCR, OS and CRS data to send to Oracle support. Run as root
db2gcScript to configure Oracle EM dbconsole mode for a software only install
dbfs_clientDBFS ClientUsing the DBFS Command Interface
dg4odbcDatabase Gateway for ODBCConfigure Oracle Net Listener for the Gateway
diagsetup11g installation Diag SetupSee Note:818727.1 for usage
diskmon.binI/O Fencing and SKGXP HA monitoring daemonLogs are at $CRS_HOME/log/`hostname -s`/diskmon. Not in 19c.
dsml2ldifDirectory Services Mark-up Language to LDIF conversion
dvcaDatabase Vault Configuration Assistant
emdwgrdEnterprise Manager DowngradeNote 883855.1
eusmEnterprise User Security Manager
extjobExternal Job Process on UNIX/Linux
genorasdkshShell script to Generate Oracle SDKCreates $ORACLE_HOME/lib/*
gnsdGrid Naming Service DaemonNo need to use it
jssuJob Scheduler suNote:976049.1: "Jssu is called by the dbms_scheduler when credentials are used". User RnR in msg 11 of this thread shows one usage.
mkpatchMake PatchCreates a patch file
olsnodesOracle List NodesThe new -t option shows whether you pinned the node with crsctl pin css -n (used when pre-10g database is installed with 11g clusterware), and -c shows the clustername.
orabaseOracle BaseReturns ORACLE_BASE; first appears in 11gR1; checks ORACLE_BASE in $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/ContentsXML/oraclehomeproperties.xml on UNIX/Linux (Ref)
orionOracle IO NumbersI/O benchmark tool. Type orion -help for help
pafctlProvisioning Advisor Framework ControlControl the provisioning daemon (Ref)
platform_common`Platform Common"Script to export platform specific variables", called by dbca, dbua, netca, rconfig (RAC config tool).
plshprofPL/SQL Hotspot ProfilerNote:763944.1 and Documentation
racgeut?Looks like a command execution wrapper. Usage: racgeut [-e environment_setting] timeout command. Try racgeut -e A=B 30 /bin/sleep 20 &, followed by ps eww $!. You'll see the added environment variable and assigned value A=B. You can add more environment variables with more "-e name=value" strings.
racgmainRAC Global Main scriptIt's better to run it with racgwrap. You're supposed to be able to run it to check resource status (not recommended, documented way preferred, e.g. srvctl|crsctl status): racgmain resource_full_name check, followed by echo $?, and read $ORACLE_HOME/log/`hostname -s`/racg/resourcename.log. But 11gR2 seems to miss the required racgimon so it always throws error.
racgwrapRAC Global Wrapper scriptWrapper for racgmain. Control tracing by passing _USR_ORA_DEBUG to racgmain (see above).
renamedgRaname Disk GroupNew in 11gR2. See Note:948040.1 for usage.
setasmgidSet ASM Group IDRef
skgxpinfoOS Kernel Generic Inter-Process-communication InfoNew in Returns IPC protocol, udp by default
srvconfigServer ConfigBefore 11gR2, you can get some config info about server and database components: srvconfig -exp tmpfile. Beginning with 11gR2, it's only used during upgrade and downgrade of a database. See Note:953769.1.
srvctlServer ControlGenerally, only used if RAC CRS is running, not used even if ASM is running. Ref
trcsessTrace SessionsEnable SQL trace from command line
uidrvci?ADR related. E.g., uidrvci /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/db_name/instance_name/trace getSchema INC_METER_SUMMARY, where INC_METER_SUMMARY is an .ams file under the trace/metadata subdir of the directory in the second arg. This getSchema command shows the table definition of v$incmeter_summary (summary of incident meters). Not sure what use this command really has.
wrcWorkload Replay ClientDocumentation, Note:445116.1, Note:748895.1.
xmlwfXML Well-Formedness checkAn extra copy of standard UNIX/Linux command (just like unzip)

Binaries newly found on Oracle RAC are as follows. All em*, EM* and *.pm files are ignored.
acfsrootInstall or uninstall USM (ACFS's old name) components
agentok.shDetermine if adequate resources (e.g. swap space) are available for agent
aqxmlctl.plStart and stop aqxml access (isqlplus server), called by shell script aqxmlctl
asmcmdPreviously only in ${ASM ORACLE_HOME}/bin. Now in ${DB ORACLE_HOME}/bin too. When to use?
asmcmdcorecore of asmcmd
chopt.iniinit file used for changing database options (as seen in v$option), by chopt
chopt.plInvoked by chopt (shell script) or chopt.bat to change (disable or enable) optional components
cluvfyrac.shWrapper script to invoke cluvfy launcher from CRS_HOME
commonenv.templateTemplate for commonenv
dbgeu_run_action.plDiagnostic workBench Generic ddE User actions - RUN ACTION, used by DDE User Actions to capture the output of external commands
EM software library
dg4pwdOracle Gateway Password Utility
findAvailableSpace.plUsed by EM to run opatch or dbca etc. to find available filesystem free space
linkshlibLink Shared Library, not sure what calls it, needs 5 arguments
netca_deinst.shRun netca in deinstall mode
nmhs"nmhs is used by the which runs once every 24 hours by default. This script is querying the OS about various devices and mount points." (Ref). You can get usage by sudo strings nmhs | grep Usage
nmosudoEM sudo utility, Ref
ojmxtoolEM related. Get usage by running EMDROOT=EMD_Root_dir ovmxtool
ojvmtcSame. Get usage by ojvmtc -help,, omsstop.plOMS related
racgwrap.sbsAlmost the same as racgwrap
setsso.plSetup Single Sign-On for EM console
StartAgent.plStart EM agent
targetdeploy.plDeploy EM targets
raccheck (precursor to ORAchk)

Binaries newly found on Oracle RAC
afdrootRelated to ASM Filter Driver
oerr.plOracle 12c for Windows has finally shipped Windows oerr. See "Update 2013-08" of my Windows oerr for Oracle for details.
okarootRelated to Oracle Kernel Accelerator
oraldJust gcc
patchgenPatch Generator, Ref

Binaries newly found on Oracle
afdboot, afddriverstate, afdtool, afdtool.binRelated to ASM Filter Driver
kfod.binkfod is now a shell script calling this binary
oradnfs*Oracle DNFS "to perform basic file operations over Direct NFS Client on Microsoft Windows platforms" (Ref)
orapingProbably just a wrapper of ping -c 1 -s 8000 -w 1 -I interface -W timeout address_to_ping
trcldrTrace Loader: Finally this file is no longer 0 size but is still undocumented. It can be used to analyze the KST trace files in cdmp_time directory. Syntax: trcldr mode=append ifile=trw_file userid=scott/tiger. It creates (if not exist) kst_traces table (similar to x$trace) and loads it with trw file content. Ref: Jack Cai; my preliminary work.
orachk, tfa (Trace File Analyzer)

Binaries newly found on Oracle
dbupgradeDatabase Upgrade wrapper script
mtactlCRS agent script for MTA (multithreaded agent) extproc
okcreatecreate keytab on KDC and copy it to the local machine for kerberos configuration
olfscmd, olfsrootinstall or uninstall OLFS (Oracle Layered File System) components
oputilOracle patch utility to "print memory requirements for an online patch"
oradnfs, oradnfs_run.shOracle DNFS, now on Linux as well
roohctlRead-only Oracle Home Control?
schagentScheduler agent
sqlSQLcl (SQL Developer Command Line); if you get error "sql: line 226: java: command not found", run export JAVA_HOME=$ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre first.
sqldeveloper.shSQL Developer GUI app, which obviously needs X window

Binaries newly found on Oracle 18c (
acfsremoteACFS remote commands
bdscheckswBig Data Sql CHECK SoftWare,
dbSetup.pllaunch db setup wizard for configuring Database home image
drdactl,drdalsnr,drdaprocDatabase Provider for DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture)
olfsctlOracle Layered File System Control utility
opwdintg.exeOracle Password Integration, related to Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Identity Federation
oraversionPrints release version information
ORE,,,,ore_srcexport.plOracle R Enterprise and import-export utilities
rhpctlRapid Home Provisioning Control
rootPreRequired.shChecks if execution is required

Binaries newly found on Oracle 19c (
cloudcliUsed to migrate databases from on premises to the cloud and vice versa
dbdowngrade, dbreloadFor database downgrade
dbnest, dbnestinitMaybe Oracle's way to create an OS level container. Try: dbnest init --stage /tmp/workspace; dbnest create testcontainer; dbnest list, etc. Ref

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