Jasmine's High School Commencement Speech

Good evening. I’m Jasmine Huang, Student Council President at Bellaire High School. I’ll be attending Harvard University next fall with an interest in Economics and Computer Science. First, I’d like to start off by thanking my counselor, Ms. Hernandez, for supporting me through hard times, Mr. Mazzoni and Ms. Quaite, for being the best teachers I could ever ask for, and most of all, my parents, for loving me no matter what.

Bellaire High School class of 2018, we’ve always prided ourselves on our diversity. We’re 45% Hispanic, 15% Asian…50% pro-Kahoot and 50% anti-Kahoot, 60% can quote every Vine and 40% needs to get with the times, but I know there’s one thing that we all have in common. We are all 100% diagnosed with severe senioritis. If you’re like me and haven’t done Statistics homework since 1st semester, or like my friend Ruth who stays up later and later not to work on assignments but rather to watch The Office until 5am, you’re not alone.

One of my favorite memories I share with you all is the day the water mains broke last year. It was during 3rd period that day when all our daydreams really did come true. We were miraculously free to go, and of course, like we always do, we flooded into Chick Fil A and thoroughly annoyed the management team there. I had never seen this class of 2018 as collectively excited as we were that April morning—that is, until today.

We’ve gone through so much together that we may not even remember. During the first week of school, we all still had braces, Vine was alive and thriving, and none of us knew where the 160s hallway was. (beat) I still don’t know where the 160s hallway is. We’ve gone to our first and last homecoming games, documented Allie Schachter’s entire glittering soccer career over the announcements, and spent Prom dancing (or eating) the night away. No judgement. We’ve struggled through Ms. Christian’s economics challenges, supported each other through Hurricane Harvey, and have become more true to ourselves. #PrideMonth. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all been shaped by our time here together.

Before we go to college, enter the military, or join the workforce, I sincerely hope you all encounter better bathrooms than the ones we had at Bellaire. (pause) All kidding aside, I can’t wait to see what you all achieve in the next 20, 30, 40 years. The next tech giant CEO, the first female President, or the inventor of time travel could be sitting in this very room. I look forward to being humbled by all of your achievements at our next reunion.

Friends, cardinals, class of 2018, be curious, and be kind. Keep asking questions about the world around you. Form independent thoughts, and fight for what you believe in. We’re still so young; we carry infinite possibility. Although it seems like the rest of our lives is forever, our time is limited. Use it to be the change you wish to see. The world is ours. Congratulations class of 2018!

05/28/2018 NRG Stadium

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