Learning French Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics
A New Approach to Vocabulary Study

Learning French Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics (to be published) is the second book of the Learning Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics series, modeled after the first book Learning Spanish Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics, which readers are encouraged to preview for the same style and similar content (only different in the language of the words to be studied).

Sample Pages

The main text of this little dictionary arranges the words in the order of their usage frequency per Lexique.org word frequency. Cognates serve as the most important learning aid.

The word frequency data generated from the Lexique corpus is in this file. ► more

Author Biography and Contact

I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry and M.A. in Philosophy. I have taught myself linguistics with an emphasis on morphology and phonology, and have learned to read in multiple European languages. Please contact me by email to yong321@yahoo.com or by filling the form with comments or corrections.

Yong Huang
Oct 2016 —