Learning Spanish Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics (2nd ed)

It's been four years since this book was published. I've had many thoughts on revising it, such as adding more words, making corrections, expanding etymological information for certain words too brief to be helpful, and improving mnemonic hints for some words. I have received requests for this edition from some readers. While this new edition will remain unpublished indefinitely, I decide to make it available on a donation basis. With a $10 or more donation through Paypal or by other means, you will receive a copy of the manuscript in PDF format, on the condition that the received copy is only read by you or your immediate family, never beyond that. (I sincerely trust your honesty in honoring this restriction.) And in the future, you will receive an indexed, updated, version of the book at the end of every year for free.

Contact me by email to yong321@yahoo.com or by filling the form with comments or suggestions.

2020 Revision Note

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