Children's Stories

[Stories suitable for kids of 3 to 6]

				Jasmine's Brother

Jasmine is a happy little girl, except she often dreams of having a young 
brother. She has some dolls that are boys, made in rubber or wood. One night 
Jasmine went to sleep holding her rubber boy in her arms. She touched the boy 
on the nose. To her surprise, the boy said, "Don't touch my nose!" Imagine how 
excited Jasmine became. She touched his ear, squeezed his nose and tickled his 
armpits. It all came back with a grumpy "Don't touch me!" Suddenly the boy grew 
bigger and bigger, and slipped away from her arms that couldn't hold him any 
more. The boy went to look for his own room. You think he can find his room? No 
way. The house has a big room for Jasmine's Mom and Dad, a girlie girlie room 
for herself and a room full of boxes and other things. And that's where he 
hides. "Boy, boy, where are you?" called Jasmine, searching for her Boy room by 
room. When she came to the room full of boxes, the boy moved and a crash was 
"Here you are", Jasmine said, "Can we play together?" 
"What do we play?" 
"Mmmm, how about hide and seek?" 
"OK", said the boy. 
Jasmine went to hide. The boy was counting, 
"1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20. Ready or not? Here I 
come". He looked carefully at everything in the messy room and didn't find 
Jasmine. He went to the girlie girlie room, thinking that must be Jasmine's 
bedroom. He checked the bed, the closet and even opened the cupboard. Nowhere 
could he find Jasmine, and yet he kept saying "I see you. You're right there." 
He finally walked into the big bedroom. He checked under the bed, and then the 
bed. There's a big hump on the bed. "Aha, I see you". Jasmine was hiding right 
behind the quilt and pillows. 
"Your turn", said Jasmine to the boy. "1-2-3-4-....," counted Jasmine. "Ready 
or not? Here I come." She looked for the boy from room to room. But nowhere 
could she find him. She began to worry. "Boy, where are you? Boy, can you come 
out?" She worried so much that she started to cry. "Boy, I give up. Can you 
come out?" Jasmine was very sad because she looked in every corner of every 
room twice and couldn't find her brother boy. And she cried and cried and woke 
up. It was a dream!

(written in May 2005)


			Monkey Kevin Saved a Baby

Kevin is a happy little monkey living in a safari. One day while playing in the 
jungle, he found a baby girl lying on the ground. He carefully picked her up 
and looked around trying to find tourists passing by. There was nobody. He 
carried the baby in one arm and slowly walked toward the big safari road.

It was getting dark. There was still a long way to go. A small creek was in 
front of him. As usual, Kevin grabbed one cane hanging down from a tall tree 
and swung across the creek. "Oh, No!" he cried. The baby he was carrying under 
his arm fell to the side of the river just as he came to the bank. He tried to 
fish her up with a stick but it didn't work. "Help! Tom, Bob" His friends came 
from nowhere. Suddenly, an alligator was seen not far away, crawling toward the 
baby. Bob quickly hung on a tree, Tom hung on Bob's tail and Kevin hung on 
Tom's tail. Kevin was fast to snatch the baby doll away just before the alligator 
had a chance to touch her. "Hurray!" they cheered.

The sun was about to set. Not too far away, a white car was seen on the road. 
Kevin and his friends heard a little girl crying. They quickly ran to the car. 
Three faces appeared at the window, a man, a woman and a girl. The little girl 

crying. Kevin carefully raised the baby to the window and gave her to the little 
girl, now with a beautiful smile on the face. "Thank you, Monkey! You saved 
Jasmine," said the little girl, hugging her baby doll that looks like a real 
baby. The man handed bananas to Kevin and his friends and waved goodbye. 
Feeling like a hero, Kevin walked home with his friends and they had a good 
dinner together.

(written in Fall, 2004, update in May, 2005)


			Monkey Kevin Learns to Ride a Bike

Monkey Kevin got a bike as a birthday gift. But he never rode a bike before. No 
matter how hard he tried, he always fell off.

So he went to see rabbit Bunny, with his bike. "Bunny, Bunny, can you show me 
how to ride a bike?", said Kevin. "Sorry, I'm too short to do that." Bunny 

Kevin pushed his bike forward, to Giraffe's house. "Giraffe, Giraffe, can you 
show me how to ride a bike?" "Sorry, I've never ridden a bike, and I never need 
to," said Giraffe.

Kevin pushed his bike forward, to Old Cow's house. "Old Cow, Old Cow, can you 
show me how to ride a bike?" "If I ever rode a bike, I would crash it flat in a 
second," said Old Cow, in a mooing voice.

Feeling disappointed, Kevin pushed his bike back home. "Nobody wants to show me 
how. I'll do it by myself." Kevin tried one more time to get onto the bike. It 
wobbled and wiggled. But to his surprise, he did not fall off. Monkey Kevin 
finally learned how to ride his bike.

(written in May 2005)


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