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Links marked with * are frequently visited pages. Chinese titles indicate Chinese text.

[2004,2007] * Card Game Twenty-Four (popular math game)

English for Chinese Short postings about the English language as studied by Chinese (some are moved into my book)
     English for Chinese Mirror of the above blog, accessible from mainland China, also serving as Table of Contents
Health Reading (Table of Contents) Notes reading health and medical science articles
(Some New Ideas Miscellaneous new ideas, innovative, or thought-provoking.)

Languages and Linguistics
[2017-] *
Learning French Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics A new way to study French words
[2015-] * Learning Spanish Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics A new way to study Spanish words
[2022-] Learning Italian Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics A new way to study Italian words
[2020-] Learning Foreign Language Words Blog on Goodreads (Table of Contents)
[2018-2024] Basic Chinese Characters Free book. 2500 basic Chinese characters sorted by usage frequency, with pinyin and brief definitions. Ideal for learning or reviewing Chinese characters in a casual way.
[2023] Frequency of Short Vowels in Arabic Words
[2014-] * Multi-language Translator Translating English to multiple languages simultaneously, used by students studying more than one language
[2014] Etymology Helps Learning Foreign Languages
[2010-2018] 学外语 (Learning Foreign Languages)
[2008-] English for Chinese Blog
    English for Chinese Mirror of the above blog, accessible from mainland China
[2020] Word Frequency List
[2009] * Natural Language Word Frequency (汉语字频或西文词频统计的一种新方法)
[2006,2009] Chinese Character Usage Frequency (汉语字频或西文词频统计的一种新方法)
[1991,2001,2006,2010] Identify a Foreign Language

[2019] 秘鲁行
[2010] Travel to Chongqing (重庆游记)
[2007] Travel to Korea
[2007] Travel to Europe
[2008] Travel to Washington DC and New York

Chinese Culture
[2009-] *
中国文化学习短文 (short notes on Chinese history and culture)
[2022] 山水图录 (attempt to catalog elements of Chinese landscape paintings)
[2011-2020] * 国际中国学杂志《通报》文章目录汉译 (sinology journal T'oung Pao article titles in Chinese)
[2016] 基础教育管见
[2013] 钱钟书《七缀集》西文勘误 (Qian Zhongshu Qi Zhui Ji western language errata)
[2010] 重庆造纸厂简史 (history of Chongqing Paper Mill)
[2006,2009] Chinese Character Usage Frequency (汉语字频或西文词频统计的一种新方法)
[2009] 论吐痰 (On Spitting)
[2008] * Chinese Painting (including a painting by me)
[2006] * Chinese Music Simplified Notation
[2006] Herb Name Frequency
[2006,2014] 天干地支 (Find Ordinal Position of a Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar 60-Year Cycle )
[2006] How to Learn the Chinese Characters Most Efficiently (mostly for the second generation Chinese immigrants)
[2014-] 文言片段 (fragments of Literary Chinese)

[2014-2024] Weibo: yong321
    微博存档 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2018前
[2024] I Wrote the Topio Program
[2019] 老人口述的往事
[2017] 20th Anniversary of My Website
[2014] 重庆一中回忆片段
[2009] 愉快的初中生活

Data Analysis
[2016] Vehicle Reliability Based on 2016 Consumer Reports Data
[2015] Vehicle Reliability Based on 2015 Consumer Reports Data
[2015] National Days Concentrate in Summer and Early Fall

[2016] Multi-Language Spell-Checker
[2007] Windows Utilities and Tips (English club presentation at eBay China, Shanghai)
[2000,2007] Newsgroup Reading/Posting Tips
[2007-11] Random Thoughts about Search Engines (the part about English study proved to be very helpful in China)
[2006] A real example of finding scam by reading mail header
[old] Conserve Memory When Using Windows

Local: Houston, Harris County, etc
[2007] Houston House Search Tips (har.com "hacks", etc)
[1999,2007] Houston Public Library / Harris County Public Library book duetime reminder program (moderate computer literacy required)
[2000] How Houston Streets Are Numbered
[1999] Can You Pick Wildflowers?

Philosophy of Science
[1991,2014] 规律的逻辑研究 A Logical Study of Laws of Nature, M.A. thesis
[1989,2009] 简单性研究 (On Simplicity)
[1991,2009] 论典型和科学方法论研究
  [1991,2004,2006] How to be Typical: A Philosophical Study (partial translation of the above article)
[2004] Philosophy of Reproducibility
[1991] (re-translation of Laplace's Concerning Probability)

Father-in-Law's Research (free book download)
[2006] 三峡库区的水文循环 (Sanxia Hydrology Research, about Three-Gorges-Dam)

[2020/03] First country of a pandemic: guilty or not guilty?
[2020/03] US State Population Density vs. Coronavirus Cases and its spreadsheet In the states of ca. 100 people/mi2 or lower, the number of cases is roughly proportional to the population density. Beyond this density, the ratio drastically differs: New York and New Jersey are very high, and Rhode Island, Delaware, etc. are very low probably due to island or peninsula isolation.
[2016] Acupuncture is removed from back pain treatment guideline in UK
[2014] What and how much benefit is gained by what exercise?
[2013] 快速放松的技巧 (Fast Relaxation Techniques)
[2011] Jokes and Anecdotes
[2006] Children's Stories
[2005] Ideas for Sale
[2006] Old Hobby: Cars

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