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Some interesting work unrelated to my IT profession:

  • Basic Chinese Characters 2018
    2500 basic Chinese characters from the Ministry of Education website, sorted by usage frequency, with pinyin and brief definitions. Ideal for learning Chinese in a casual way, on a cell phone.

  • Learning Spanish Words Through Etymology and Mnemonics 2016
    My real first book, a dictionary with a brand-new method of studying Spanish vocabulary.

  • Multi-language Translator 2014-
    English words or sentences simultaneously translated into multiple languages of your choice.
  • Blog: English for Chinese or archive (for wider readership) 2007-
    Short postings about the English language as studied by Chinese students, and occasional comments on linguistics or language study in general. The archived pages are for viewers having site access problems.

  • Blog: Some New Ideas 2015-
    Miscellaneous new ideas, innovative, or thought-provoking.

  • Blog: Health Reading 2007-
    Comments made after reading health science research articles or media reports.

  • T'oung Pao article titles in Chinese 2011-2017
    Chinese translation of Sinology journal article titles.

  • Chinese Painting 2008
    Traditional Chinese painting: commentary and my own work.

  • Card Game Twenty-Four 2004
    One of the most frequently visited pages on my Web site! A Chinese math game that helps you or your kid.